How to get a payday loan in 5 steps

The payday loan is a simple, fast and flexible financing, because it is customizable according to the needs of the applicant. How to apply for one of these loans? With Manubank it is very simple and we will explain it to you in 5 clear steps:

  1. Check the main requirements for accessing a payday loan

To apply for a payday loan, certain requirements set by the Bank in Italy must be met and are:

  • An age between 18 and 70 years (this requirement is subject to exceptions that are evaluated during the preliminary investigation);
  • An income attested by the possession of paychecks, income tax returns or pension slips (in the absence of demonstrable income, it is possible to request a personal guarantee from a third party able to cover any non-fulfillment of the applicant);
  • The residence in the Italian territory.
  1. Required documents

    Required documents

The basic documents to access the loan are those necessary to verify the existence of the above requirements. In any case, each bank or finance company adjusts the request for documents to its own procedure. Here are what are the inevitable documents:

  • Identity card;
  • For employees: last paychecks and the last CUD (not always required);
  • For self-employed workers: last tax return;
  • For pensioners: last slip;
  • For Social Institute pensioners;
  • If the applicant has other financing in progress: documentation relating to other loans.

Documents whose request is optional:

  • Copy of the last bills paid.

A more comprehensive indication of the documents required for the payday loan will be provided to you following the contact with the bank or financial planner.

  1. Submit an estimate request for the loan

Making an estimate request for a payday loan with Manubank is very simple. You can choose three roads:

  • Be contacted by Manubank
  • Schedule an appointment with a consultant
  • Go to the branch

All the forms and information needed to contact Manubank can be found here.

  1. The estimate and the definition of the loan methods

    The estimate and the definition of the loan methods

Thanks to the experience of Manubank consultants you will be able to personalize the financing in order to find the right formula between the sum financed, installment and duration. So you can get a quote on which to base your choice.

  1. Stipulation of the payday loan contract

To help you with the request for this type of loan, we list below the essential and mandatory elements that you will find in the loan agreement that will be proposed to you:

  • Sum financed and methods of disbursement;
  • Interest rate on the sum financed;
  • APR;
  • Possible methods of variation of costs and commissions;
  • Clear indication of all costs to be incurred for the loan;
  • Indication of the amount of installments and deadlines;
  • Any guarantees and insurance required.

From the signature of the payday loan contract, the path to obtaining the payday loan is concluded. All you have to do is wait for the required amount to be credited, which will take place in just a few days with Manubank.

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